That Enchantress

An enthralling historical novel set in the Stuart era! Perfect for fans of Tracy Chevalier, Maggie O’Farrell, Hilary Mantel and Margaret George.

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About the Book

A young royal servant becomes embroiled in a bitter feud…

England, 1698

For Abigail Hill, left penniless after her mother’s death, every day is a struggle to keep herself and her younger siblings from starvation. So when her cousin Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough secures employment for her at the court of Princess Anne, she gratefully accepts.

When Anne accedes to the throne, her favour begins to lean slowly but surely towards Abigail’s gentler nature. And when Sarah learns that the queen attended Abigail’s secret wedding to Samuel Masham – and gave her a dowry from the privy purse – she’s enraged.

Displaced from her position as royal favourite, an embittered Sarah embarks on a campaign to bring Abigail down. But she may have underestimated her rival…

A bitter feud erupts, mirroring the political and religious feuding that’s threatening to tear the country apart. And as tensions escalate between the two women, the stage is set for a conflict whose consequences will radiate far beyond the palace walls…

Will Abigail’s ascent up the social ladder be thwarted by her calculating cousin? Can the new favourite retain the queen’s good opinion?

And with England in turmoil, can Queen Anne restore order to the nation?

THAT ENCHANTRESS is a gripping historical novel set during Stuart era in England at the end of seventeenth century, following a young woman’s life at the royal court of Queen Anne.

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