Against the Odds

An enthralling collection of sea battles, selected and retold by a leading naval historian.

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About the Book

Twenty-six epic sea battles fought around the world are dramatically described with a wealth of expert technical detail and commentary. Here are wartime campaigns, amphibious operations, formidable captains and blow-by-blow accounts of daring missions, spanning 350 years of naval history.

From the South Atlantic to the Indian Ocean, the Pacific to the Mediterranean, come tales of courage, self-sacrifice and the grit to fight to the death that have distinguished the history of naval warfare. Alexander McKee brings to life some of the most decisive sea battles, highlighting the bravery and endeavour in the face of enormous odds of the sailors who risked all to defy the might of opposing forces or to attempt the impossible, contending not only with ships and gunfire but with the uncertain and ruthless elements of sea, wind and tide.

Against the Odds is essential reading for all who are drawn by stories of courage at sea.

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