A brooding tale of madness and murder set in the 1970s! Perfect for fans of Agatha Christie, M.C. Beaton, Lee Strauss and P.C. James.

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About the Book

An unconventional road trip ends in a terrible crime…

Europe, 1974

Rick Coleman and Emily Sutton make unlikely travelling companions. But when a chance meeting results in a road trip with a difference, the middle-aged divorcee and the young drifter strike an unusual bargain.

Wealthy Emily is on a mission to track down her ex-husband Basil — currently touring Europe with the daughter of a friend. Spurned and humiliated by Basil, she’s out for revenge, whereas Rick is in it purely for the money. Or so he tells Emily…

Rick, meanwhile, has his own reasons for making the trip – but as he soon discovers, there’s more to Emily’s obsession than meets the eye.

From Italy to Germany, England, Scotland and back to Italy, the curious chase goes on. But Basil is always one step ahead – and Emily is in the dark about Rick’s real reasons for joining her quest. If only she’d vetted her travelling companion more thoroughly, she’d know that Rick and Basil are far from being strangers.

And when Rick finally catches up with Basil, events began to spin out of control in a way none of them could ever have predicted…

How will Emily react if she discovers the truth? And as obsession turns to murderous fury, can anything stop Rick from spinning out of control?

As events build to a violent climax in the Australian bush, will any of them survive the aftermath of their actions?

SLYBOOTS is a dark and twisting historical psychological thriller by prolific Australian author Pat Flower.

‘Another of Miss Flower’s entertaining journeys round the twist.’ – Yorkshire Post

‘A most original and interesting crime novel.’ – Western Daily Press

‘Slyboots can take a proud place along with Miss Flower’s other successes.’ – Grimsby Evening Telegraph

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