No Place To Lay My Head

The eye-opening account of the forgotten and tumultuous Eastern Front in World War Two.

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About the Book

By 1944 Byelorussia had been brutally occupied by Nazi Germany for three years, but now the Red Army were coming. The nation was torn apart as violence erupted between the ruthless Communist partisans and the equally menacing Nazi forces.

Sixteen year old Sasha Nioman’s brother was carried off and forced to join the local partisans, leaving his family at the mercy of Nazi reprisals. To stop this from occurring Sasha was given little option but to join the German Army with the 34th Battalion Field Police — a force of anti-partisan legionaries of mixed nationalities commanded by Wehrmacht officers.

No Place To Lay My Head charts Sasha’s terrifying ordeal through the Second World War as he was forced to fight for an occupying force he hated. This book provides an eyewitness account into the brutal atrocities committed by both Nazi and Soviet forces on the Eastern Front, including the massacre of six hundred defenceless men by the Russian army, of which Sasha was one of only a handful of survivors.

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