Night of Glass

A gripping action-adventure story set in Nazi Germany! Perfect for fans of Charles Whiting, Derek Robinson, Frank Barnard and Elleston Trevor.

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About the Book

Four foolhardy students glimpse the impending horrors of Hitler’s Germany…

Europe, 1938

As the Munich Crisis unfolds on the few television screens owned by England’s elite, four Cambridge University students, filled with righteous indignation, hatch a plan to make a difference.

They decide to help a prisoner escape from the Dachau concentration camp. But this is no schoolboy adventure. They are catapulting themselves into a deadly situation.

What starts as well-planned stunt soon becomes painful reality as they come face to face with the horrific reality of life in Nazy Germany.

And after a series of close calls, it becomes clear they will be lucky to get out alive…

Could four inexperienced students manage to save a life? Will they successfully smuggle out the prisoner?

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