Lights in the Sky

A nail-biting World War Two RAF adventure story! Perfect for fans of Charles Whiting, Derek Robinson, Frank Barnard and Elleston Trevor

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About the Book

An RAF pilot discovers the true horrors of war…

Michael Pickup, a skilled but trouble-prone RAF pilot in the squadron which ferries agents and saboteurs in and out of Nazi-occupied Europe, finds himself despatched to neutral Sweden on an extraordinary political-warfare mission.

He is to bring back two witnesses to the hideous crime that one day will be called the Holocaust, but in 1943 is little reported, and then seldom believed.

Fumbling his way through the wiles of opposing factions and rival secret services, consoled by a spirited daughter of a Swedish nobleman, he steels himself for a desperate flight into the heart of darkness.

His gripping and sometimes comic adventures are interwoven with the narrative of one of the witnesses to give a vivid picture of an outpost of the world at war, and cast a light on how a dreadful truth took so long to take hold.

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