A captivating military adventure set in Ancient Rome! For fans of Ben Kane, Conn Iggulden, Bernard Cornwell and Simon Scarrow.

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About the Book

A small town is plunged into the horrors of war…

Hispania Ulterior, 51 BC

The son of a baker, young Melqart has lived all his life in Munda — an idyllic mountain town untouched by the troubles of Rome.

But when General Pompey sends his sons, Gnaeus and Sextus, to create strongholds and raise new legions, the citizens of Munda find themselves pulled into the Empire’s conflicts. Recognising Melqart’s talents as an engineer and strategist, Sextus soon recruits him to his cause.

As tensions between Pompey and his political rival, Julius Caesar, reach breaking point, it seems that Munda is set to become a battleground.

And as darkness begins to fall over his beloved homeland, Melqart must summon all of his courage and ingenuity to save his community from destruction…

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