Into the Blue

A gripping collection of historical aviation mysteries!

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About the Book

The history of aviation is rife with unexplained events which continue to baffle experts today: aircraft which leave the ground but never come in to land — swallowed up into the blue; flyers who meet inexplicable deaths — and of their ghosts, which return to haunt the living; and the great mysteries of airborne warfare…

Who shot down the Red Baron? What caused Amelia Earhart’s disappearanceover the Pacific in 1937? How did a US President’s brother meet his death in the skies above England whilst on a wartime mission?

From the legend of the ‘Montrose Ghost’ and the L-8 airship which landed without her crew aboard, to the giant explosion in Portsmouth at Christmas 1940 which left nineteen streets completely destroyed, Into The Blue is an intriguing and enthralling collection of the most bizarre puzzles of aviation.

Drawing upon official reports, eyewitness testimonies and his own experiences, pilot and author Alexander McKee examines these and many more mysteries of the air in this gripping collection of cases from aviation history.

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