Hitler and His Admirals

From pre-war preparations to the Battle of the Atlantic, all the way through to the eventual defeat of Nazi Germany, Hitler and His Admirals offers a comprehensive history of Germany's naval actions during World War Two.

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About the Book

At the end of the Second World War, Hitler ordered that every military document should be destroyed, however Admiral Karl Dönitz, believing that his navy had waged war honourably, made sure that naval records were preserved and they were soon captured by British and American Intelligence officers.

Through his role as editor of this collection of documents, known as the ‘Fuehrer Conferences’, Anthony Martienssen, was able to gain unique insight into the actions of the German Naval High Command: why they pursued certain strategies, such as the U-Boat war, what was their relationship with Hitler like, and whether they had indeed pursued an honourable war as Dönitz believed.

Martienssen combines information drawn from these files with war diaries, operations orders of the navy, and the personal files of Admiral Erich Raeder, as well as official documents from the Nuremberg Trials to uncover an eye-opening history of the Kriegsmarine and its relationship to Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler.

Hitler and His Admirals not only analyses every major German naval action of World War Two but also provides insights into the thorough planning for the invasion of Britain after the Dunkirk evacuation through Operation “Sea Lion.” Additionally, it offers a perspective on the July Twentieth plot to assassinate Hitler from a naval viewpoint.

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