Henry VIII

‘A steady, unblinking portrait of this able, ferocious and dreadful man.’ C. V. Wedgewood

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About the Book

Many people across the globe know the fates of Henry VIII’s wives, yet who was this man that cast aside so many women? How did he rule? And why does he have such an enduring legacy?

With bull-headed obstinacy and political calculation Henry VIII and his supporters shaped the course of English history.

Although he viewed himself as a strict Catholic, he broke the power of the papacy within his lands and consolidated his power while other nations were being torn apart by conflict and turmoil.

John Bowle’s biography reveals the true complexity of Henry’s character: at times behaving cruelly tyrannical and at others showing himself as a brilliant and magnanimous Renaissance prince.

Utilising a huge range of primary sources has allowed Bowle to vividly depict this crucial era of English history within its European setting as well as provide an outstanding study of power in action.

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