Generals at War: Montgomery’s Chief of Staff Assesses World War Two Leadership and Strategy

An enlightening personal account from a distinguished soldier on the four Generals he faithfully served during the Second World War: Archibald Wavell, Bernard Montgomery, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and Claude Auchinleck.

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About the Book

This first-hand assessment of the careers and characters of the Allied leaders in victory and defeat is the perfect read for fans of Stephen E. Ambrose, Philip Warner, John Keegan, and Alan Moorehead.

Sir Francis de Guingand vividly recollects his wartime experiences from the unique position of serving in senior roles under all four generals and as Montgomery’s Chief of Staff from Alamein until the end of the war.

The book provides an engaging and informal look at the different approaches, practices, experiences, and qualities that shaped the responses and conduct of these very different individuals responsible for directing Allied war operations.

De Guingand tells the story of his own wartime activities and reflects on his lived experience with these great men. His intimate insight offers a very human and honest account of the peculiarities and grim reality of war, as well as the often hilarious and bizarre events that can occur.

‘I was fascinated by your book. It brought back vividly many memories of those days which we spent together. Among other things, I learnt quite a lot about myself which I did not know before!’ Field Marshal Montgomery, 1st Viscount Montgomery of Alamein

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