Déricourt: The Chequered Spy

Was Henri Déricourt a loyal spy, a traitorous double agent or a heroic triple agent?

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About the Book

Parachuted into France to receive and dispatch British aircraft which landed secret agents, Déricourt was awarded with the Croix de Guerre with Palm and the Legion d’Honneur for his contribution to the war effort.

Only later, when it transpired that he had been in regular contact with the Gestapo, did question marks arise about him. He was even charged with treason but was acquitted at his court martial.

Was there more to this case than met the eye? Was Déricourt loyal to Allies even if he had been in contact with the Germans? Or was he a traitor who had caused the death of many of his fellow agents?

Jean Overton Fuller sifts through the information, sorting truth from lies, to uncover the truth of Déricourt’s wartime activities. Through numerous interviews and letters Overton Fuller questions not only Déricourt himself but also many of other main participants in the story from Germany, France and England.

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