Crown of Thorns

An enthralling historical novel based on the life of Richard II! Perfect for fans of Philippa Gregory, Alison Weir, Jean Plaidy and Elizabeth Chadwick.

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About the Book

Can a hot-headed boy king learn to rule the realm?

England, 1377

Acceding to the throne of England at the tender age of 10, the young King Richard II bears the weight of responsibility from an early age.

An intelligent but arrogant boy, Richard proves himself early on by quelling the Peasants’ Revolt – but quickly alienates the powerful nobles governing the country in his name, and soon finds himself at odds with his own Parliament.

Marriage to Anne of Bohemia brings an unexpected happiness, and his wife is one of the few people who can cool the monarch’s hot temper. But he is left bereft when illness claims her before her time, fuelling rumours of his insanity…

With his authority constantly undermined by his elders – led by his treacherous cousin Henry Bolingbroke and his equally devious uncle Thomas of Woodstock – Richard has finally had enough. It’s time for him to seize the power that is rightfully his.

But his hot-headed actions alienate many of his people — and his enemies have one final, devastating card left to play…

CROWN OF THORNS is a gripping historical Royal biographical novel set in the 14th century Medieval period during the reign of King Richard II.

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