A Poisoned Fortune (Jane Austen Investigations Book 3)

A thrilling Regency murder mystery set in Bath! For fans of Georgette Heyer, Mary Balogh, Elizabeth Bailey and Ashley Gardner.

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About the Book

When a fortune is at stake, anyone could be a suspect…

1797, Bath, England

Devastated by the news of the death of her fiancé, Cassandra Austen has slipped into a melancholy that her sister Jane is desperate to relieve.

Jane suggests a short trip to stay with their aunt, Mrs Leigh-Perrot, in Bath with the aim of lifting Cassandra’s spirits.

Whilst out walking they meet Lady Arabella Waters, and they receive an invitation to meet her at the musical celebration in the Parade Gardens by the river.

But after taking a sip of his drink, Lady Arabella’s husband, Lord Waters collapses, dead.

Despite his advanced years Jane feels there is something not quite right about his death, and her suspicions are confirmed when the inquest determines Lord Waters was poisoned.

The magistrate announces he has found belladonna in Lady Waters’ possessions. He takes her into custody and sends her to the gaol in Ilchester. As she is taken away she pleads with Jane and Cassandra to help her prove her innocence.

Jane believes in Lady Waters, but why was there poison in her possession? And who else could have a motive for killing Lord Waters?

Can the Austen sisters unravel the mystery and prove the innocence of their new friend?

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