A History of Europe: A Cultural and Political Survey

A breath-taking appraisal of the full expanse of European civilization; from the earliest prehistoric hunter-gatherers to the brilliant minds of the Ancient Greeks to the turmoil of the twentieth century.

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About the Book

John Bowle’s incredibly readable book is an ode to Europe which should be read by all of the continent’s inhabitants to understand our joined history and why that makes us who we are today.

For millennia peaceful traders have crossed mountains, navigated rivers and traversed plains and forests; along these same routes conquerors and their armies have laid waste to landscapes, raping and pillaging as they went. Europe is a continent full of contrasts and contradictions.

How was Europe able to recover in the aftermath of the fall of Rome? Why has this war-torn continent been able to sustain such large and vibrant trading communities? And how were enlightened ideas allowed to develop and flourish in the face of oppression and despotic megalomaniacs?

John Bowle’s comprehensive study uncovers the conflicting strands of European history and demonstrates how they were woven to create the vibrant and brilliant culture that exists within the continent today.

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