Congratulations to Stephen Taylor, whose thrilling historical adventure, The Lost Gospels, is out now!


A swindler and a rogue, Edward John, the bastard son of a country squire, has reinvented himself as Captain John Campbell-John to make his fortune in polite society.

But when he loses a large amount of money in a notorious gambling den, John finds himself pursued by dangerous men, intent on collecting what is owed.

Fearing for his life, he flees to Venice where he meets Robert Babcock, a wealthy Englishman who collects rare antiquities.

As John gains his trust, Babcock reveals that he will soon be departing for Egypt to search for ancient Christian manuscripts, and he invites John to join him as his assistant. Keen to leave his old life behind, John accepts.

As they search through the monasteries, they find ancient translations of biblical Gospels that could shake Christianity to its core.

Should they continue with their quest? Will the repercussions be worth it?

Or should The Lost Gospels stay buried in the past…?

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