Congratulations to D. R. Bailey, whose gripping aviation novel, The Fleeting Target, is out now!

The Fleeting Target is the third book in the Spitfire Mavericks Thrillers series: action-packed aviation adventures set during the second world war and featuring a team of vigilante pilots.


Flying Officer Angus Mackennelly is flying over Northern France when his tank is holed and he’s forced to crash-land.

Luckily, he is picked up by the French Resistance before the enemy can get to him and, after a tense few days moving between safe houses, he escapes back to Blighty.

Reunited with his squadron, Angus expects to return to flying duties. However, Squadron Leader Bentley informs him that he’s not going to be flying sorties. He is singled out to lead a top-secret mission.

The special mission is to conduct a low flying night operation with six blacked out Spitfires to strafe a convoy carrying a top general from the German High Command and assassinate him.

Training quickly commences but a spate of unexpected enemy fighter attacks leads the team to suspect that a spy is trying to leak details of the upcoming mission to the Germans.

Angus is put on the case to squirrel out the informer and protect the rest of the men from the enemy within.

Will Angus succeed in his secret mission? Can he identify the mole?

Or will the lives of all the men in Maverick Squadron be compromised…?

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