Congratulations to Laura Martin, whose absorbing Regency-era mystery, The Body on the Beach, is out now!

The Body on the Beach is the fourth book in the Jane Austen Investigation series: thrilling historical murder mysteries with a tenacious literary heroine working as a female sleuth.

1798, Dorset, England

Jane Austen is on holiday with her parents and her sister, enjoying time at the seaside in Lyme Regis.

But one morning, while out on an early stroll, her peace is shattered.

There is someone lying at the bottom of the cliffs.

After rousing her father and sister, she hurries along the beach to find a young woman, dead.

It is clear to Jane that the young woman has been strangled. There is bruising about her neck and marks of discolouration on her face, yet the magistrate and doctor are quick to dismiss her concerns.

As Jane starts to investigate further, she discovers there have been two other young women found dead on the beach between Charmouth and Lyme Regis in the last five months.

Jane and Cassandra are certain the deaths are connected, but why is no one else looking for their killer?

Were the women known to each other? Are they connected in some way?

Can the Austen sisters unravel the mystery?

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