Congratulations to Linda Stratmann, whose atmospheric historical mystery, Sherlock Holmes and the Legend of the Great Auk, is published today!

Sherlock Holmes and the Legend of the Great Auk is the fifth Victorian crime thriller in the Early Casebook of Sherlock Holmes series.

London, 1877

The unveiling of a new specimen of the extinct Great Auk leads to accusations of fraud against the British Museum and a ferocious attack on the exhibit by ornithologist Charles Smith.

Sherlock Holmes is tasked with saving the reputation of the museum, but before long, Smith is found murdered.

Police think it was a random robbery gone wrong but when Holmes examines the crime scene, he is sure there is more to it.

Aided by his loyal friend Mr Stamford, Holmes is determined to discover if the museum has something to hide.

Is there more to the legend of the Great Auk? Why has this exhibit attracted so much controversy?

Could more lives be in danger…?

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