We are delighted to announce that we have signed up a new Regency romance novel by Graham Ley.

Writing runs in the family: Graham’s mother, Alice Chetwynd Ley, was the author of numerous Regency romances. Sapere Books have reissued sixteen of her books, including The Eversley Saga and The Rutherford Trilogy.

In Graham’s words:

“I decided to write a novel in my mother’s honour. Then the world speeded up. In place of the familiar books in covers, there were eBooks, and over the last few years her complete backlist has been published by Sapere Books.

“I’ve written a fair bit in the past – playscripts and poetry, and some children’s stories. My greatest challenge was undoubtedly what kind of heroine should I choose. In the end, Arabella chose herself, and was her own woman from start to finish. I set the story in Devon and Brittany, which I love equally, and added intrigue, conspiracy and action to the romantic mix.

“I shall be delighted to see my own tribute novel sitting alongside my mother’s books with such a strong specialist publisher! I hope readers enjoy The Baron Returns.”

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