We are thrilled to announce that we have signed the fourth instalment of the Knights Templar Thriller series by Daniel Colter.

Book 1 in the Knights Templar Thriller series

The series follows the military adventures of Finn of Struan, a young knight, as he fights in the wars in the Holy Land.

In Daniel’s words:

“The first three novels in the Templar Thriller series spun out of a lifelong fascination with the Crusades. The next instalment will be set on the heels of the Battle of Hattin, in July 1187, and at the onset of the Third Crusade. These years were a clash of cultures, a settling of old grudges, and paint an especially vicious backdrop — desperate battles, scheming nobles, warring religions.

Field of Bones, the upcoming fourth novel, finds Finn of Struan and his brothers at the siege of Tyre, a desperate fight to defend the Kingdom of Jerusalem’s last stronghold. The fifth and sixth novels weave them into the kingdom’s death spiral and the legendary duels between the Sultan Saladin and Richard the Lionheart, the warrior king of England. Finn whispers in my head the Templar story is not done, not yet, and urges me to forge on with new tales!

“I am proud to be part of the Sapere Books family. Working with Amy, Matilda, Natalie, and Caoimhe has been a pleasure, their support invaluable. Fellowship with Sapere’s cadre of authors, each skilled beyond measure, has been a rare privilege. I look forward to more of the same!”

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