We are thrilled to announce that we have signed a series of historical mysteries by Rose M Cullen.

In Rose’s words:

“I am absolutely delighted at the prospect of working with Sapere Books on my series. Opening with Harlequin is Dead, the novels are set in London in the 1790s against the turbulent backdrop of the French Revolution across the Channel and feature playwright and politician Richard Brinsley Sheridan as my sometimes-hapless sleuth. As a historian and someone who has worked in the theatre, I have long had a fascination with Sheridan. He was a wonderfully rich and complex character who mixed in worlds both high and low — from the inner circles around the Prince of Wales and Houses of Parliament to the actors and entertainers of his theatre company and those living in the nearby slums. Sheridan had a keen interest in policing and trained in the law before embracing the stage. He was unquestionably brave, having survived a number of duels in his youth, and as a man with boundless curiosity and acuity, he seemed to me well placed to become embroiled in a series of mysteries.

“In Harlequin is Dead, we see him insist that his wife’s illegitimate child be recognised as his own, and he does everything he can to protect her from scandal. I enjoy peppering my fictional world with historical figures, and some of the most extraordinary characters in my novels are based on real people. Sheridan wrote rather wonderful comedies, and so I aim to weave a thread of humour into the books along with the murder and mayhem.

“Joining the Sapere Books family of authors has been a great pleasure. The team offer a supportive environment for my first traditional publications, and fellow authors are on hand with invaluable advice and encouragement.”

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