Congratulations to Richard Kurti, whose twisty biographical crime novel, Requiem of Revenge, is out now!

Requiem of Revenge is a page-turning historical thriller based on the mystery surrounding the death of J S Bach.

Bath, England, 1761

A gruesome discovery is made in one of the city’s wealthiest townhouses. A man has been imprisoned and blinded; left to die in his own home.

He is rescued and his wife, Lady Arabella Taylor is arrested for the crimes.

Doctor Erasmus Harvey examines the victim, and finds out he is Chevalier John Taylor, an esteemed surgeon. The chevalier is keen to see his wife punished and Harvey is sent to take her confession.

But when Harvey meets with Arabella, he is astonished to find she shows no remorse. In fact, she insists her crimes were justified.

Repulsed by this she-devil, Harvey is unsure whether to declare her insane. But as he hears her testimony, what she reveals shocks him to his core.

And he soon realises he is not only unravelling the truth behind the crimes inflicted on the chevalier, but also the death of the celebrated composer J.S. Bach.

Who is the victim and who is the criminal? Why did Arabella torture her husband?

Her crimes could expose a scandal that will send shockwaves through Europe…

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