Congratulations to Neil Denby, whose absorbing Roman adventure, Optio, is out now!

Optio is the third book in the Quintus Roman Thrillers series: action-packed, authentic historical military adventures set in Ancient Rome.

Julius Quintus Quirinius, Decanus of his contubernium, has failed in his mission to secure a bridgehead in Britannia for the emperor Augustus.

Despite their failure, they have collected valuable intelligence from the British tribes that they are keen to share with Augustus, hoping that will restore their reputation.

Together with his rescued comrades, Quintus flees the misted isle of the enemy and begins the long and treacherous journey home.

Once they locate the remnants of their cohort, Quintus is promoted to Optio and tasked with leading his men against rebel Germanic tribes.

Success could mean a fast route back to Rome and the favour of the emperor. But failure means an almost certain death.

When disaster strikes, can Quintus rescue the honour of Rome and lead the cohort to safety?

Or will the odds once more refuse to fall in their favour…?

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