We are delighted to announce that the first two books in Neil Denby’s action-packed military adventure series, the Quintus Roman Thrillers, will be released as audiobooks by Tantor Media.

The books follow a solider, Julius Quintus Quirinius, as he fights for survival in the brutal Roman army.

In Neil’s words:

“It has been a delight to work with the supportive publishing team at Sapere, who have helped to hone my writing to the level where Tantor Media bought the audiobook rights. I was excited to choose Matthew Lloyd Davies as an authentic voice for the first two books. Matthew is an actor and director with a long and distinguished career, including regular appearances with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

“The first book, Legionary, is the story of a common soldier and his close comrades stationed in Hispania during the first years of the Principate. Together they suffer punishments, fight battles and discover secrets that could prove useful to the Empire. Against the odds, they strive to maintain dignity and, above all, honour. The second book, Decanus, relates their further adventures with the tribes of the mysterious island of Britannia, after they are shipwrecked on its shores.

“The new deal puts Legionary and Decanus in distinguished company indeed. Matthew has narrated greats like Aldous Huxley, Robert Louis Stevenson and HG Wells, along with dozens of modern authors. The audiobooks will be released in early 2024.”

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