Congratulations to Laura Martin, whose absorbing Regency mystery, Last Impressions, is out now!

1796, Hampshire, England

After having her heart broken by the man she thought she was going to marry, Jane Austen is in desperate need of a distraction. So her sister, Cassandra, accepts every social invitation going, and one of them is to stay with a family friend at Melmont Hall.

Mrs Paulson welcomes them to her home and introduces them to the other guests who have arrived for a dinner party. But when they sit down to eat, Mr Paulson is nowhere to be found.

After discovering his study is locked, the guests break in and find a shocking scene. Mr Paulson is dead – and not of natural causes. Someone has stabbed him.

Jane has already helped solve one murder mystery and she is determined to put her skills to use to help her hostess get justice for her husband.

Everyone at the dinner party must be questioned as a suspect, as well as the servants at Melmont Hall.

But what had Mr Paulson done to provoke such anger? Why would someone want to kill him? Can Jane Austen use her quick wit to unmask the killer?

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