Congratulations to Elizabeth Bailey, whose page-turning Georgian mystery, The Hanging Cheat, is published today!

The Hanging Cheat is the tenth book in the Lady Fan Mystery series: historical  murder mysteries with a courageous woman sleuth embarking on traditional British, private investigations in eighteenth-century England.

1796, England

Heavily pregnant Lady Ottilia Fanshawe should not really be travelling. But when her sister-in-law dies, she goes with her husband Francis to comfort her brother and her two nephews.

And of course it’s not long before the services of her alter-ego, Lady Fan, are required.

While playing in the woodlands, the two boys come across a gruesome discovery. A dead man is hanging from a tree.

The corpse is quickly identified as the local justice, Hector Penkevil, a man universally disliked for his meanness.

And it’s soon clear that his death was not suicide, but murder.

With Penkevil so disliked in the community, how can Lady Fan narrow down the suspects? Will she find the killer?

And can she solve the mystery before she is forced to bed with her pregnancy…?

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