Congratulations to David Field, whose absorbing historical thriller, The Assassination Players, is published today!

The Assassination Players is the second instalment in the Bailiff Mountsorrel Tudor Mystery Series – private investigation crime novels set during the reign of Elizabeth I and beyond.

Nottinghamshire, England, 1591

Two of Queen Elizabeth I’s justices have been murdered within a week of each other, along with a woman who was involved with one of them and a man who had been awaiting trial by the other.

County Bailiff Edward Mountsorrel and Town Bailiff Francis Barton are tasked with investigating the deaths, but they are thrown off course by a visit from the queen’s secretary, Baron Burghley.

Burghley has discovered a plot to kill the Protestant queen and replace her with a Catholic alternative.

He tasks the bailiffs with journeying into a neighbouring county to infiltrate the gang of suspected traitors.

Time is of the essence as the threat already seems to have infiltrated Elizabeth’s court.

But the men behind the plot are ruthless and the path to discover them is fraught with danger.

Will Mountsorrel and Barton unmask the traitors? Who is behind the plot to kill the queen?

Can the bailiffs stop them before they change the course of history forever…?

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