Congratulations to David Field, whose enthralling naval adventure, Westward To Freedom, is out now!

Westward To Freedom is the third Tudor/Renaissance novel in The New World Nautical Saga Series – historical novels set during the reign of Elizabeth I and beyond.


The English Separatists seek only the right to be allowed to worship in their own way in their humble North Nottinghamshire village, but their beliefs are anathema to King James.

When they are given cause to believe that their clandestine meetings have come to the notice of the authorities they move to Gainsborough with a view to taking ship to the Low Countries.

After being betrayed three times they eventually make it to the comparative safety of Holland, but even there they are in danger of persecution.

So in one final throw of the dice they sign up to be members of a ‘settler’ community financed by merchant adventurers.

But to start their new life they must survive the perilous crossing on The Mayflower.

And the wilderness waiting for them on the other side is not quite what they had hoped for.

Will they succumb to the elements, disease or starvation?

Or will fortune shine on this assembly of pilgrims and finally allow them a sanctuary of their own creation?

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