Congratulations to Daniel Colter, whose absorbing historical adventure, Fortress of Crows, is out now!

Fortress of Crows is the second book in the Knights Templar Thriller series: action-packed, Crusader military novels set during the Medieval era.

The Judean Desert, 1186

Finn of Struan, a Templar knight, has orders to find the Copper Scroll, a relic describing where priceless treasures from Solomon’s Temple were hidden away.

He is also charged with protecting a relic hunter, one who procures religious relics, as she unravels the tangled web of clues held in the ancient text.

But rival relic hunters also hunt the scroll. And their leader, Le Scélérat, the Evildoer, will stop at nothing to get it.

Greed rules the hearts of many, turns friend against friend, and Finn’s quest soon becomes a bloody fight filled with deceit and death.

Will he and his loyal Brothers survive murderous enemies? Can Finn complete his quest? Or will Templar bones rot in the bleak wastes of the Judean?

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