Congratulations to Keith Moray, whose absorbing Egyptian thriller, Fall Of A Scribe, is out now!

Fall Of A Scribe is the second book in the Ancient Egypt Mystery series: historical thrillers set in Alexandria and featuring Overseer of the Police, Hanufer.

275 BC, Alexandria

Hanufer of Crocodilopolis, the captain of the Medjay police is being plagued by nightmares. Strange shadows haunting him in the night that are not banished by the gods he prays to.

He is worried it is a sign of evil to come.

And when two separate murder cases land at his door, he fears he is right.

Two prostitutes have been brutally slain in separate incidents, pointing towards a serial killer.

And a Necropolis guard has been stabbed through the eye by one of his colleagues – the murderer rambling about an evil spirit.

Things are complicated further when Hanufer is summoned to court by the High Priest to investigate rumours of a witch manipulating the Pharoah and his queen.

As his shadowy nightmares intensify, Hanufer struggles to unravel all the threads.

Are the crimes all related? Is some evil force infecting the city? Or are these foul deeds the work of man….?

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