Congratulations to Angela Ranson, whose gripping murder mystery, Dead Foretold, is published today!

Dead Foretold is the second book in the Catrin Surovell Tudor Mystery Series. It is an exciting historical thriller set at the court of Elizabeth I.


Queen Elizabeth is under pressure from all her advisors to marry, but no one can agree on a potential husband.

The conflict is slowly eroding Elizabeth’s power and authority among the nobility, especially when a prophecy starts to spread that seems to predict the deaths of senior members of the queen’s court.

Tension grows when one of the queen’s maids of honour, Mathilda, is killed and placed on a false altar of hawthorn branches.

Her death follows the first lines of the prophecy, making people fearful about who could be next.

Amid rising hysteria, the queen orders her trusted lady-in-waiting Catrin Surovell to investigate.

Catrin soon learns that there is more to this mysterious death than anyone thought.

Strange symbols and eerie events put her on the trail of the murderer.

What do the symbols mean? Is someone using the guise of magic to destabilise the queen’s reign?

Catrin has to figure it out and stop the murderer before he strikes again…

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