Congratulations to Alistair Forrest, whose gripping Roman adventure, Sea of Flames, is out now!


On landing in Ephesus to trade, Lachares, a Greek sea merchant, is seized and unfairly executed by Mark Antony, the triumvir of Rome’s eastern provinces.

Lachares’ crew are left to deliver the news to his son, Eurycles, the governor of a Greek trading post. Horrified, Eurycles vows to take revenge on Mark Antony.

With conflict brewing between Antony and his greatest political rival, Octavian Caesar, Eurycles is invited to work against Antony’s cause by smuggling two defectors out of his camp. Eager for an opportunity to get close to his enemy, Eurycles pledges his ship and men to Caesar.

Now embroiled in the deadly machinations of spies and defectors, Eurycles must decide who he can trust.

And when Mark Antony’s legions land in Actium and begin to prepare for an all-out war, Eurycles starts to wonder whether he will survive long enough to exact his revenge…

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