Congratulations to Daniel Colter, whose page-turning Crusader adventure, Blood of Lions, is published today!

Blood of Lions is the third book in the Knights Templar Thriller series.

Jerusalem, 1186

Baldwin V, the Boy King of Jerusalem, is dead and the nobles of the Crusader States scheme to fill his empty throne.

Alliances are fraying and in the midst of the politicking, the Templars, and their brother order, the Hospitallers, suffer a humiliating defeat at Cresson Springs, weakening both Orders.

All the while, in Damascus, the Sultan Saladin scents blood on the air and prepares to make good on his vows to reclaim the Holy City.

Templar knight Finn of Struan has been tasked with venturing across The Black, the no-man’s land between Christian and Muslim territories, to find Saladin’s war machine and assess its threat.

The balance of power in the Holy Lands is tipping. Two forces are converging on the Horns of Hattin, where the fate of a kingdom will be decided.

Finn must wade into a bloody fight and commit pitiless deeds, while relying on the loyalty of his brothers…

Will Finn emerge victorious? Can the Brotherhood prevail?

Or will Saladin finally fulfil his deadly promise?

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