Congratulations to David Field, whose thrilling maritime adventure, Beyond The Setting Sun, is published today!

Beyond The Setting Sun is the second Tudor novel in The New World Nautical Saga Series – historical adventures set during the reign of Elizabeth I and beyond.

England, 1580

Walter Raleigh dreams of the unknown lands that lie over the distant western horizon. He had grown up believing that if you journey too far you risk falling off the side of the earth. But now, intrepid mariners are telling stories of new lands, blessed with limitless riches that await those bold enough to claim them.

Raleigh’s patron, Queen Elizabeth is easily seduced by the prospect of amassing a great fortune for her war chest and agrees to finance his quest.

But the seas are unpredictable, and when his first attempt fails, he fears his adventuring days may be over.

Weaving tales of the legendary land of El Dorado, city of gold, Raleigh successfully persuades Elizabeth to grant him a charter to explore a passage through the Americas to the South Seas.

And this time, he successfully sets up a colony in the New World.

Virginia is born, in honour of the great monarch who sanctioned its creation.

But what dangers are waiting the intrepid settlers? Will they find themselves in a new heaven – or a fresh Hell?

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