Congratulations to Adele Jordan, whose page-turning espionage adventure, A Spy at Hampton Court, is published today!

A Spy at Hampton Court is the third book in the Kit Scarlett Tudor Mysteries Series.

1585, London

Queen Elizabeth is gravely ill and her spymaster, Francis Walsingham, has received intelligence that there is a plot to assassinate her.

He sends his protégé Kit Scarlett and Scottish agent Iomhar Blackwood to gather information.

To their horror, they discover there is a plot to blow up Hampton Court Palace.

With Queen Elizabeth too unwell to be moved from the palace, it is imperative the plot is foiled as quickly as possible.

A search of Hampton Court is launched, with Iomhar leading the way, while Kit is given the task of guarding the queen.

Watching her queen fighting death and suspecting she has been poisoned, Kit soon realizes the threat could be within Hampton Court’s own walls…

Is there an enemy spy at the palace? Has gunpowder already been planted by an assassin? And is someone in Queen Elizabeth’s inner circle slowly poisoning her…?

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