The Court of the Flowering Peach

A page-turning historical romance set in China! Perfect for fans of Georgette Heyer, Mary Balogh, Jane Aiken Hodge and Jane Austen.

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About the Book

Abandoned in a foreign land, can Katie resist the pull of forbidden love?

England and China, 1816

Bereft after her father’s death, talented artist Katie Adair jumps at the chance of an arranged marriage to the brooding China merchant Rupert Llewellyn, whom she has always loved from afar.

But Rupert is a reluctant bridegroom, blinded by love for his sister-in-law, the glamorous but conniving Selina Llewellyn.

When Rupert is posted to China on business, Katie is excited to fulfil her dream of travelling to the Far East. But with her husband indifferent to her needs, she struggles to flourish in China … until she meets the enigmatic Prince Chen Yee and a controversial friendship blossoms between the two.

When an act of appalling treachery leaves Katie stranded alone in China, she finds herself the prince’s captive and concubine. At first she’s unwilling … but gradually the prince opens her heart to the beauty of the Orient, and to passions and pleasures she’s never known before.

But her heart is back in England, with the husband she has never stopped loving. And her status as the prince’s favoured concubine means that death and danger are constantly waiting in the wings…

With Katie’s heart torn between two very different men, does her future lie to the east or the west?

And what sacrifices will she have to make in the choosing?

Set in 1800s China, THE COURT OF THE FLOWERING PEACH is a captivating historical tale of romance, adventure and a young woman’s passionate awakening.

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